About us

Due to COVID, many treatments have been postponed and waiting times are increasing. Fortunately, you can always go to the hospital quickly for emergency care. But with non-acute care you may have to deal with a waiting list. Many people even have to wait months for their surgery. The bizarre thing is that often there is indeed capacity. Initially we have made this clear for a limited number of treatments and we are going to expand this quickly. We combine various data sources and ensure that healthcare institutions can easily make their capacity available. In this way we provide insight into the waiting times and other options and you can choose where and when you want to be treated.

Mission and vision

We are committed every day to contribute to better care. We do this by building and making the Orbis platform available to as many people as possible. We want to make as much relevant information as possible available to patients via the platform, so that they can make an informed choice for a healthcare institution.

How we work

When you make a Reservation, Orbis will provide (and be responsible for) the Platform, but not the Medical Treatment itself. Orbis Health B.V. is a company incorporated under Dutch law (registered address: Opaallaan 1212, 2132 LN Hoofddorp, The Netherlands; Chamber of Commerce number: 85823597; VAT number: 86375578B01).

How does our service work?

We make it easy for you to compare Medical Treatments from many hospitals and independent clinics and other healthcare providers.

When you make a Reservation on our Platform, we will put you in touch with the Healthcare Provider (unless otherwise stated).

The information on our Platform is based on what Healthcare Providers and other Data Sources pass on to us. We do our best to keep everything up-to-date at all times, but in reality it can take several hours to update text descriptions and availability, for example.

Who do we work with?

We show as many healthcare institutions as possible on our Platform. You can only make a Reservation with healthcare institutions who have a contractual relationship with us. You can also make an appointment outside of our control (so what they offer on our Platform may not be exhaustive).

Our Platform tells you how many places there are that you can reserve through us. And our search results page shows you how many of them are right for you based on your preferences.

How much does Orbis cost?

Orbis will not charge you any fees. The Healthcare Institution pays Orbis a fixed monthly amount or a commission per Reservation, so that the use of Orbis is free for patients.

Our standard ranking and sorting options

Our search results show all healthcare institutions (hospitals, self-employed clinics, etc.) that match your search. If you want, you can use filters to reduce your results.

Click on a Healthcare institution if you want to see all the information and options that a Healthcare institution offers.

When you first see your search results, they are sorted by 'Waiting time' and then by 'Distance'.

If you want, you can sort your results in many other ways, such as:

  • Reimbursement by your health insurer
  • Stars (highest first). Healthcare institutions with more stars* and/or higher quality ratings* are higher in the list.
  • Stars (lowest first). Healthcare institutions with fewer stars and/or lower quality assessments are higher in the list.
  • Distance from (X). Healthcare facilities that are close to X appear higher in the list. (When we say "near," we mean "near in a straight line.")


We collect patient reviews from Zorgkaart. You can assess a Healthcare Institution that you have booked through our Platform after your Medical Treatment. A Healthcare Institution can choose to respond to a review.


The reimbursements from health insurers that are displayed on our Platform are provided by Mediquest.


In most cases, the healthcare institution will charge the costs to your healthcare insurer. However, this can vary per healthcare institution.

Review Scores and Quality Ratings

We do not assign review scores. This is what our customers do on Zorgkaart. See 'Reviews' above. The review score is shown in a blue circle with a white number in it (1 - 10).

The quality assessments are based on the KWIC methodology. KWIC is an abbreviation for Quality Indicators Cure and this healthcare quality score was developed in 2006 by Mediquest in collaboration with Plexus (healthcare consultancy) and Erasmus MC. The KWIC method has been further developed over the years. This is based on, among other things, feedback from health insurers, health care providers and patients. In this way the quality of care is mapped in an objective manner.

The quality rating is shown as 1 to 5 yellow stars next to the name of the Medical Treatment of the Healthcare Institution.