What is the quality of medical care in the Netherlands, and how do you make a decision on where to go for your treatment? Orbis lists hospitals and clinics so that you can compare them based on quality, waiting time, and other characteristics. Orbis shows where you can get a treatment and makes sure that you can make an appointment. We show both objective quality parameters as well as patient reviews.


Orbis shows general quality metrics, waiting times per specialism, treatment or diagnostic procedure. We will add information on specific conditions and the results of treatments.

Orbis offers the unique feature to directly book an appointment. We help you with communcation to your GP and will ask them to create a referral to the clinic or hospital that you've chosen. Easy!


Creating an account is easy, use the Login button on the top right corner of your screen. Click register. All you need to fill out if your name, phonenumber, e-mail. You can select your own password.

As a platform we have to process sensitive information of our users.

We highly value the safety of this information. That is why we will treat all data in accordance with data/ privacy legislation. GDPR is leading in this. In our privacy statement we share futher information on how we guard your data.

Orbis has taken strict safety precautions to ensure the safety of all data and privacy of our users. We share more information on this in our privacy statement.

COVID-19 caused a surge in waittimes for surgeries. By using Orbis you will be able to quickly find a treatment. It also allows you to compare clinics and hospitals on criteria such as: quality information and reviews.

Orbis was founded by Amon van den Borg, Siu-Fung Chan, Daan Dohmen and Stijn Verstijnen. We're commited to improving the quality of care. We belief that people should make their own choices, based on facts. We help people by building and maintaining our platform, that shows a wide range of information. This information allows people to make the best decision regarding their care.

The cost depends on the treatment and insurance. If you are insured your insurer might refund the hospital or clinics directly.


Hospitals & Clinics

Choose your treatment on the homepage, if you want you can add your location or insurer. Click search, this will give you an overview of relevant hospitals and clinics. On the top of th e list you will find hospitals and clinics that allow you to book directly. By default the list is sorted by distance to your location.

Via de homepage zoek je op medische behandeling en je kan een zorginstelling selecteren. Op de pagina van een zorginstelling zie je de agenda. Op de groene data kan je klikken om een afspraak te maken.  

KWIC is an abbreviation for Quality Indicators Cure and this healthcare quality score was developed in 2006 by Mediquest in collaboration with Plexus (healthcare consultancy) and Erasmus MC. The KWIC method has been further developed over the years. This is based on, among other things, feedback from health insurers, health care providers and patients. In this way the quality of care is mapped in an objective manner.

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Each treatment is specific to a patient. Orbis therefore does not say anything about the quality of an individual treatment, but shows quality scores from external sources. For more information about the quality of a treatment, it is best to speak to your own doctor or general practitioner.

Orbis makes every effort to display the correct information on our site. We depend on the provision of information from third parties.



On the homepage you choose a medical treatment and you can also enter your zip code or place of residence and health insurer. After clicking on "search" you will see an overview of healthcare institutions. At the top of the list are the healthcare institutions where you can make an appointment directly. Then choose a healthcare institution and via the agenda you can select a date or week.

Please contact us to change a reservation via email: info@orbis-health.nl 

A referral from the general practitioner is required for reimbursement by the health insurer. Your GP assesses whether there is a need for medical treatment.

The GP can refuse a referral if he is convinced that it is not useful for you. Your GP must then clearly explain to you why he does not provide a referral.

The healthcare institution will contact you as soon as the referral has been received from your GP.

Via Orbis you place a reservation with the healthcare institution and you will receive a letter with the request to your GP to send a referral to the chosen healthcare institution. Only after receipt of the referral will the healthcare institution contact you to confirm the appointment.

To change an appointment, you can contact us via info@orbis-health.nl or you can contact the healthcare institution directly.