KWIC score

What is the KWIC score?

KWIC is an abbreviation for Quality Indicators Cure and this healthcare quality score was developed in 2006 by Mediquest in collaboration with Plexus (healthcare consultancy) and Erasmus MC. The KWIC method has been further developed over the years. This is based on, among other things, feedback from health insurers, health care providers and patients. In this way the quality of care is mapped in an objective manner.

The Quality Score is based on information from several sources:

1. Dutch Inspection of Health Care (Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg)

Basic data set of hospitals, which includes the following areas: Heart and Vessels, Oncology, General Quality Policy and Nursing Care;

Basic data set of healthcare clinics, which consists of general and organizational questions and specific questions about e.g. refractive surgery

2. Indicators of the Healthcare Institute

Information on 42 different conditions, such as cataracts and lung carcinoma

3. Death Rates

HSMR and diagnosis-specific SMRs

The quality of care is calculated on the basis of the above sources in order to be able to compare institutions with each other. General, top clinical, academic and specialized hospitals as well as independent treatment centers (ZBCs) are included in this comparison.

The scores are calculated on three levels; at institutional, departmental (specialty) and disorder level. To calculate these scores, Mediquest distinguishes 2 types of indicators, disorder-specific and institution-wide indicators. A quality score for care content is based on both indicators. The higher the level (disorder is the lowest level, setting the highest), the less the disease-specific indicators contribute.

All sufficiently reliable and relevant indicators are included in the calculation of the scores. However, one weighs more heavily than the other. This depends, among other things, on the reliability with which the indicator can be measured.

What does the Quality Score mean?

After careful calculations, each level results in a score that is translated into a number of stars. An institution can score a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 stars for a condition, specialty or for the entire institution, in ascending order per half star.

1 star = Mediocre

2 stars = Sufficient

3 stars = Good

4 stars = Very Good

5 stars = Excellent

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